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The specific changes to Table C-1 of the AACS Compliance Rules can be download by clicking here.September 7, 2007 - AACS LA Announces Security Updates Advanced Access Content System Licensing Administrator, LLC (“AACS LA”) announces that it has taken action to expire AACS encryption keys being used in an illegitimate product made by an unlicensed party to make unauthorized copies of HD DVD and Blu-ray movies.

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Power DVD is a media player for Microsoft Window that viewing of DVD.Here are the details of the affected SW version: The MSN build number is v8.1.0178.00 or later.For XP: e Data Security v2.2.1084, 2.2.2086, 2.2.4087, 2.2.4088 For Vista: e Data Security v2.5.3028, 2.5.3032, 2.5.4032, 2.5.4033, 2.5.4034 Premium Ready, please click here. Step2: Back up personal data Before the upgrade, you should back up all your important data.Support for subtitle formats include smi, ass, ssa, psb, srt and sub.Live Comments lets Power DVD users post opinions and comments to Facebook, Twitter and Moovie Live while a movie is playing.

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