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When Jenny and Dan Dan telll, "Order now, or ELSE", the mother and father happily decide, "We will!

" and reach for the phone, but the daughter slaps them away from the phone yelling, "No you won't!

Meanwhile, Nico and Grady get control of Marshall's office for the day, in exchange for Chad's So Random appearance.

The first season of the television series Sonny with a Chance aired on Disney Channel from February 8, 2009 to November 22, 2009, and included 21 episodes.

It introduces the six main characters of the series which are Sonny Munroe (Demi Lovato), Tawni Hart (Tiffany Thornton), Chad Dylan Cooper (Sterling Knight), Nico Harris (Brandon Mychal Smith), Grady Mitchell (Doug Brochu), and Zora Lancaster (Allisyn Ashley Arm).

Recurring cast members and guest stars this season include Michael Kostroff, Nancy Mc Keon, Vicki Lewis, Kelly Blatz, Selena Gomez, Eden Sher, G.

Tawni, Nico, Grady, Zora and Sonny are in the prop house gathered around the TV, wearing rain ponchos and rain hats, holding various things that hold water. the Falls have been in my family for generations, Chloe.

How much longer can we keep denying our feelings for each other…Mackenzie: Until I can be sure one of us isn't going to get hurt.

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By that, he means divide Sonny away from the rest of her cast, which he finds easy to do when her ideas for new sketches no longer seem to be appreciated.

Connie: Sonny, someone at the door needs you're help.

It's a betrayal, and as long as I live under this house I forbid this.

8 February 2009Sonny Munroe, a Wisconsin girl with a popular website, has won a nationwide talent search to move to Los Angeles and star in the television sketch comedy series "So Random." Like many who enter Hollywood for the first time, she finds it's not all it seems to be.

8 February 2009Sonny has an encounter with Chad Dylan Cooper, star of the teen prime-time soap opera "Mackenzie Falls," and finds out that the cast of So Random and Mackenzie Falls have a rivalry with one another.

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