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Apparently, no one is willing to follow proper time travel etiquette. Meanwhile, I ask you only this: Is time travel possible?

Time travelers are leaving proof of their escapades everywhere! At the end of the day, it’s all just a bunch of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey…stuff. But please, leave your thoughts in the comments below, particularly if you have any other proof of time travel to report.

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What follows are a series of images that many claim are evidence that time travel has already occurred, and that visitors from the future have mingled with cultures throughout history. In December 2008, Chinese archaeologists allegedly removed the opening of a giant coffin within what was believed to be an undisturbed, 400-year old Si Qing tomb in Shangsi County. Luckily, her photos aren’t real and pose no threat to our worldline. X-Angels – Site Rip The babes on this hot site might have been angels at one point, but they aren’t anymore.Yes, they look adorable, but you can’t be fooled by appearances, because they’re horny little devils who only want to get naked and fuck.Our mission Our mission is to be the largest online consignment and thrift store in the world, helping our customers to be environmentally sustainable consumers while saving money on their favorite brands.We do this by making it easier than ever before to buy and sell pre-owned items from clothing and apparel to toys and games for men, women and kids.

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