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The PRS team actually consists of a large group of members and investigators.Ryan Buell structured the organization of PRS to encourage serious study and investigation of the phenomenon.Is this just a stunt to help drive book sales and pick up media attention (which is clearly working)?

As for Buell's medical issues, Buell's fans started out sympathetic after he canceled shows in 2012 claiming he was fighting pancreatic cancer.This balance of science and faith is where PRS stands apart from other paranormal research organizations.In 2007, Ryan separated the Paranormal Research Society into two parts, the Field Investigation & Research (FIR) branch, and Parapsychology & Laboratory Research (PLR).Moreover, the show does draw a younger, predominantly female audience.So the big questions: Will Buell's admission affect the show's ratings positively or negatively? Will he become more or less relatable as a lead character on the docu-drama?

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