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I’ve got good legs and I’ve been told I have a “great ass”, but I wouldn’t say the rest of my body qualifies as toned.Needless to say, I select average and move on to the next question……So, a few days pass by and I’m confident in my body choice selection.Instead, rely on colors, patterns and accessories that draw the eye away from your flaws. The way you carry yourself can make all the difference in how your clothes can work in your favor.Keep your chin held high, your shoulders back, your spine straight, and your hips centered over your feet.

But experts say that certain types of fat, in certain areas of the body, may be more damaging to health than others."Looking at the variant we studied, large-scale genome-wide association studies show that women with one allele tend to have larger hips than women with the other one, which would have a protective effect against diabetes," she said."Most genes that have been associated with type 2 diabetes are related to the pancreas. I would say I’m pretty slender, but given my Scottsdale, Arizona club scene surroundings, I don’t think my version of slender applies. But I’ve also gotten many notes complaining about the general practice of fitness deceit. Now, when asked to define my body type as either “Slender,” “Athletic and Toned,” or “Average” I’m at a loss.

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