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The jewelry has value in and of itself for a number of reasons, but it shouldn't be mistaken for Chanel costume jewelry.

There is no authentic Chanel costume jewelry with the Chanel signature in script.1950s through 1960s: Gabrielle re-opened her boutique on Rue Cambon in 1954.

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2) Items which carry a reproduction of a contemporary advertisement on their own page are indicated on the Designer and Collection pages by this symbol.We will name some of the dealers who knowingly persist in offering unauthorized reproductions posing as designer jewelry. We also hope to inform you of other online vintage jewelry scams.Also see our Jewelry Education Information Page for access to a number of fakes pages as well as sites with information about true vintage jewelry.Pieces from 1921-1939 were made to complement Chanel's clothing.As a result, these extremely rare pieces were left unmarked.

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