Dads agains daughters dating

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While research suggests a growing number of Australian men are becoming stay-at-home parents, experts say they need to foster a different kind of relationship with their child than may have been the case in past generations.

From understanding social media pressures to influencing their kids' future relationships, the role of the dad may have never been more important.

It the world in which our teens are growing up, dating is fraught with challenges but filled with opportunities for fun and getting to know friends better.

It is important that we help our daughters understand the important concepts behind having a good dating experience so that they don’t miss the fun and the socializing aspects of dating.

Remind her that she is always enough, and that she doesn’t have to do anything to fit in. Deciding in advance the boundaries she will establish in dating is important.I felt really this wasn't good, these struggles weren't good," Dr Ruston said."As a physician I was learning about how excessive screen time can affect their ability to be focused when they need to be, their attention spans were actually decreasing, there were problems with social skills, and also [there was] risk of real clinical addiction."Dads can also do more than just "wield a spear" and protect kids from social media, and may even have a unique opportunity to influence what type of man their daughter will end up dating, according to Mr Biddulph.Fathers are more responsive to their daughters than to their sons, researchers found.Parent educator and author Steve Biddulph was a psychologist for 25 years and said while we used to worry about how boys would turn out, now the focus must shift to young girls."Girls were flying along, but in the last decade the mental health of girls has plummeted because they have different risk factors to boys," he told ABC News Breakfast."Girls are more sensitive to the social world around them on the whole and more aware of the pressures that come at them and so it is their anxiety that has become our greatest concern."Mr Biddulph's research has been compiled in his new book, 10 Things Girls Need Most, and he has found these increased anxiety levels can be tracked in girls as young as eight.

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