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Makeeva’s beautiful imagery has earned her quite a following – to date she has more than 225,000 followers on the image-sharing social media platform.

“I started shooting about 14 years ago,” she tells She travelled to Japan in early April.

But from 1850 to present day, the flowering has surged toward earlier dates at the rate of about one week per century.

The date went well and on the drive back, they got a little lost ending up on a road lined with cherry blossoms after cherry blossoms!

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Japan is renowned for its cherry blossom - beautiful blooms that surge forth and cloak the trees in an exquisite marshmallow pink come spring.

Tracy wrote in their questionnaires, “Something unique about Ryan and I is the height difference.

We’re 16 inches apart and I’m literally half of his size (weight).” I loved playing with their height difference in the photos – it’s what makes them them!

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